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How will I receive my contract?

We'll send your contract digitally through DocuSign. Kindly note, that you are allotted 48 hours to complete the signing. If it remains unsigned after this duration, the contract will lapse.

What about the deposit structure?

Initial Deposit: 5% on signing daySecond Deposit: 5% - 90 days post the initial contract date.Third Deposit: 10% due 180 days post the initial contract date.

How much will my condo fees be?

Expect it to be in the ballpark of $280 – $285 every month. Depends on the unit size.

What is the duration provided for reconsideration post-contract signing?

We prioritize your peace of mind. Post your contract signing, we offer a 10-day reflection period. We assure a full refund of any advance payments made.

How should the deposit be processed?

Deposits can be made via a bank draft presented to our Salesperson.

When is possession?

We're aiming for somewhere between the 2nd Quarter of 2024 to the 2nd Quafter of 2025

Is Mortgage Approval Necessary?

Yes. But you still can Reserve a unit until you will get one.

Can I get an update on the construction progress of my unit?

You always can check a construction updates webpage. 

When will I receive notice of the date and time of my possession?

You will receive an email notification about the completion of your unit 30-90 days before possession.

Is an Alberta-based Lawyer Required for Property Purchases in Alberta?

For land title registration, it's essential to engage a lawyer based in Alberta to process the closing documents.

Who pays utilities & how is that set up?

Unit owners are responsible for their utility costs. It's recommended to contact utility providers 2-3 weeks upfront.

What is the estimated property tax for the unit?

Please, follow the link to see the estimated property tax. https://www.calgary.ca/pda/assessment/revenue-neutral-policy-and-calculator.html?redirect=/taxcalculator

Is my unit registered with the Alberta New Home Warranty? My mortgage broker is seeking confirmation.

Please, kindly mortgage broker to the mortgage broker to https://residentialprotection.alberta.ca/public-registry/Property